MTA Spare Parts

Oil, petrol and radiator caps
A range of caps for radial and axial radiators with opening pressure between 0.5 and 1.4 bar. The radial type is the most advanced product due to its inner gasket, whose perfect sealing and stability enhances the overall operation of the car’s cooling system. These functional elements are powered by a locking system without opposing forces (inertial lock), allowing for proper cap positioning to avoid any locking issues.

MTA automotive fuses
We have the full range of the main MTA automotive fuses in special sizes and shapes. Besides allowing for greater practicality, they actually protect the car’s electrical system by shielding it from short circuits in order to avoid further damage. MTA’s ongoing R&D in fuse production made it the leading automotive company providing top-notch quality products and technology.

MTA fuses available:


Frames and modular blocks
Thanks to its handy and versatile modular blocks, MTA’s product range is designed to meet those specific needs that standard blocks are sometimes unable to satisfy. MTA’s modular blocks are the best housing for relays, diodes and fuses. The 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-way frame versions with their own locking systems are the most popular ones. This range also includes stainless steel solutions with IP67 protection.

Waterproof solutions
MTA modular systems and components for vehicles coming into contact with fluids and liquids such as water and mud. Besides being totally waterproof, these solutions provide the right degree of protection by always ensuring proper operation. A lid with a silicone gasket lock adds even greater efficiency to the components.

Modular control units
Distribution units for cars, trucks and buses
System of high-performance electrical control units made of modular blocks for cars, tractors and buses. Besides putting up with high temperatures, the control unit module has a waterproof system shielding its internal components from any leakage or impurity.

Terminals and connectors
More than 100 types of terminals and connectors (including faston and eyelet) available in multiple thicknesses and shapes. Due to its high-quality materials and treatments, the whole range of terminals and connectors can be used in many automotive sectors.

MTA terminals and connectors:
Standard Ring
Nut Type

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